L2 Balance


Event: Fortress Assault
The essence of the event 
The forces of darkness have captured a fortress near the city of Gludin. 
A squad of stormtroopers is about to liberate the fortress, but they need more soldiers. A group of three can join a squad of stormtroopers and deliver a crushing blow to the army of darkness. 

How to participate 
To participate, you need to talk to the captain of the assault squad near the fortress. this NPC is located east of the city of Gludin. a group of at least three people is required. 

Victory conditions 
The team with the most points wins. Points are awarded in proportion to the damage done to monsters and the raid boss. If the commander of the stormtrooper squad is killed, no one wins. 

The winning group gets the opportunity to buff in the fortress (the simplest buff is for 20 minutes), the ability to teleport to the nearest hunting places, as well as buy supplies at reduced prices (the price is reduced by 10% relative to the prices of a regular store). 

Other features 
For each monster, experience is given in accordance with the damage group dealt. Each monster drops adena (only adena), provided if 50% of the damage was done by players. Only enchant scrolls and pieces drop from the raid boss.
Отличная идея!
Идея класс, вопрос, какие минимальные лвл для участия и какие максимаоки? 
Событие будет доступно 8-го числа в 20,00 по Киеву.
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