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После последнего рестарта появились фризы на постоянной основе
log in is down,please do something.
Timiniel spirit mob 55 lvl on Entchanted valley,when i hit it raid boss queen Timiniel attack me and ofc killed me many many times.
catacombs are not in seven sign modus.we cant exchange ancient adena/buy items .
 sincerely your best player

boss agr  is absolutely correct - what u will do, if someb start to hiting at your home? :)

for oll other things ============ agressionly agree  X_+
timiniel spirit is mob has nothing to do with the raid Queen of timiniel!
imagine you farm forsaken plain and every time you hit one orc raid boss (orc) attack you.
something is wrong,thats why i report it.
 and yet server is still off.
please fix it.
 Thank you
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