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L2 Balance returns!
Good day. I am glad to inform you all that despite the war (and the administration is now really in the trenches), we find the time, effort and funds to create a new server. Those who were with us at the first opening of x1 know about the love with which we approach our business: minimal donation, interesting events, constant communication with players and a lot of work on bugs - it's all about us! Now we are planning to create a new server. As always, it will be pure hardcore x1, without shadow weapons, cursed weapons at the start and other lobuda. Everything we love. We decided that the opening date would be after the war, so we can’t name the exact date yet. By that time, we will prepare an excellent assembly, as close as possible to the official one. Given our past experience and some developments, this will not be difficult for us. Stay with us, everything will be at the highest level. Glory to Ukraine!
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