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About the project

L2 Balance is a complex of servers of the highest quality.
We know how difficult it is in our time to find a normal server without donation but with honest administration.
That's why we decided to rectify this situation.

Our team is experienced players in the past who have become developers and designers. We love Lineage 2, therefore opening a server for us is not primarily a profit, but a hobby - we enjoy creating the conditions for high-quality gameplay.

If you also love Lineage 2, we are sure you will be satisfied by our servers.

Artemida x1

A classic low-rate with some of the most balanced chronicles.
Rates x1 will allow you to fully enjoy the continued evolving of your character. Also, low rates will not leave support classes without interesting gameplay, including Prophet.

No donation affecting the balance - all players are on an equal footing. No premium accounts - just fair play.

Server features:

  • Classic Interlude, as close as possible to the official version.
  • Rates of real low rate: Exp/SP/Drop/Spoil - x1
  • Unique events that have no analogues. Players also take part in the creation of new events.
  • No premium account, the most minimal donation: offline-trade, 10% experience rune and buff scrolls.
  • The best protection against bots - we don't skimp on quality.
  • Even SM lovers will feel comfortable with us - we have added 3 unique skills to this class. You can read more details here.
  • Adequate work of the attribute: you can read about the changes here.
Detailed information